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Townsville Home owners offered government handouts for home improvements

Townsville Home owners threatened by tidal waters

Townsville home owners targeted

Townsville home owners living within 50 kilometres of the coast that qualify for the State Government’s Household Resilience Program funding criteria could be eligible for up to $11,250 in handouts to spend on home improvements.

Townsville and Residents and Ratepayers Facebook Group representative, Mr. Peter Newey expressed concerns about the future cost to home owners from the scheme.

“The scheme could present a future cost burden for ratepayers and until we have all the information and consider the scheme’s real costs and benefits we wouldn’t know for sure”. Mr. Newey said.

In the State Governments newly commissioned Emergency Management Sector Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (EMSCCAS), extra resources will be needed to meet the government’s new emergency management strategy.

Of the 80 respondents to the Government’s State-wide EMSCCAS, 45 percent said; “The complexity and uncertainty of future hazard events are likely to increase the costs to disaster management organisations.”

Further analysis of the Government’s Climate Change Adaptation strategy identified that respondents to the consultation process believe “wider cross-cutting impacts” will occur to water, communications, electricity, water and sewage as well as land use planning and the insurance sector.

When TREN eMagazine contacted ratepayer advocates, the residents and ratepayers group expressed a keen interest in the information session being held by the State government and council to learn the details of the scheme.

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TCC sponsoring information sessions

Townsville City Council said in their press release announcing the home owner handouts that they are hosting information sessions for homeowners this Wednesday and Thursday to provide information on how to apply for funding to improve the resilience to their homes against cyclones.

Local Disaster Management Group Deputy Chair Cr Kurt Rehbein said the grants will provide eligible home owners with necessary improvements to help protect their properties against damage during cyclone season.

“Preparing your property for cyclone season is essential to staying safe and recovering quickly in the event of a cyclone,” Cr Rehbein said.

“It’s really important to be prepared for weather events that threaten our city – Council is urging residents to be cyclone ready before the storm season hits.

“This is a great opportunity for residents to learn how to make their home more resilient at a reduced cost through the Queensland Government’s Household Resilience Program.”

Public Works Minister Mick de Brenni said recent years had seen far too many families facing the double-whammy and heartbreak of cyclone damage plus insurance premium hikes just when they are trying to get back on their feet.

“A much better option is to improve the resilience of free-standing dwellings, especially those built before 1984 when tougher regulations were introduced,” he said.

“We have been listening to Townsville residents who say they need this support to ensure the safety and security of their homes during cyclone season, and that’s why we’ve introduced the Household Resilience Program.

Just 9 percent of the eighty respondents to the EMSCCAS consultation process identified Townsville as their location. This represents less than eight people that made local representation in the government process on its climate change adaptation strategy.

“Participating households may be able to negotiate a reduced home insurance premium with their preferred insurer, so I would encourage pre-1984 home owners in Townsville to seriously consider applying,” Minister Mick de Brenni commented.

Cr Rehbein said staff from the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works would be on hand to provide expert advice.

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Of the eighty respondents within the government and broader non-government services sector who responded to the consultation process, 13 percent said they were aware of the Government’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

However, only 5 percent of the same respondents said they were aware of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

The new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison said Australia’s emissions targets have been exceeded, and his federal government’s commitment is reducing household costs rather than focus on the Paris Climate Change agreement.

Information Session Details

The information sessions will run from 5pm Wednesday and 6pm Thursday at Reid Park. The sessions will run for about an hour.

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