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Selling your business – marketing plans and systems

Selling your business - marketing and systems

Selling your business When selling your business, it is critical to think from a buyers' perspective. How a potential buyer looks at a business is an evaluation on the basis they can replicate the business model to continue making profits in future years. Potential buyers will ask about the customer acquisition process. They

Selling your business – tips on getting resources ready

Selling your business

Selling your business Maximising value We have found through experience that many businesses have reduced the profitability of the business for tax reasons and, if this is the case, the true value of the business will not be clear from the financial records when selling your business. This creates a significant problem when

Guide to 22 knockout marketing tips to sell a home

Setting the scene Marketing tips - Most real estate agents putting a property up for sale should understand the goal is to sell it in the shortest amount of time, for the most money and with minimal costs to the client or seller. Of course, achieving these goals is easier said

Guide to selling a luxury home

What it takes to sell a luxury home Sellers want to get things right considering the value of the luxury home. Often worth millions of dollars, these homes are substantial investments. Putting forward a positive vision of the property is the all important aim because there are fewer luxury homes out