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Townsville population forecasts risk oversupply and further price stagnation

Jenny Hill Councillor Team

Townsville population forecasts proxy for mining federal funding Townsville population forecasts stimulate supply. From a population perspective, additional supply is observed as a great opportunity because it creates “jobs” and brings employment. Supply risk is often depicted by planners as a slowing down of dwelling construction. Well, incumbent property owners and investors

Townsville property market update September 2019

Townsville Enterprise - Townsville City North Queensland Australia

Townsville Property Market Assessment The Townsville Property Market Update for September 2019 by Herron Todd White (HTW) paints a cautiously hopeful picture of economic growth and property price activity. Townsville projects, natural disasters and population Based on the future pipeline of projects, reactionary impacts from natural disasters on positive employment from the 2019

Census 2016 reveals the ‘typical’ Australian

2016 Census Residence Count by Sex

The 2016 Australian Census has been released and there are a number of interesting and critical developments in the demographics across the country. The typical Australian is 38 year old female with English ancestry, in a coupled relationship with two children and she has completed a year 12 education. She also