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Hire staff for your business – How do I decide?

Hire Staff Human Resources

Hire staff for your business I was away recently and was speaking to a sole business owner who asked me the question, "how do I know I am ready to hire staff members"? It struck me that this is a problem that many small businesses have and wondered what might be helpful

Buying a business – Start with the end in mind

Buying a business - Start with the end in mind

Buying a business with the end in mind During my discussions with clients interested in buying a business, the question I am often asked is “When should I start planning for the exit of my business?” If you understand these seven simple truths in this section, then it is logical the preparation of

This is what our cities need to do to be truely liveable for all

Liveability - Shoppers at Cotters Market in the CBD of Townsville City North Queensland

Urban planners, governments and developers are increasingly interested in making cities “liveable”. But what features contribute to liveability? Which areas in cities are the least and most liveable? The various liveability rankings – where Australia tends to do quite well – don’t provide much useful guidance. This article is one in a series, Healthy