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Selling your business – marketing plans and systems

Selling your business - marketing and systems

Selling your business When selling your business, it is critical to think from a buyers' perspective. How a potential buyer looks at a business is an evaluation on the basis they can replicate the business model to continue making profits in future years. Potential buyers will ask about the customer acquisition process. They

Selling your business – tips on getting resources ready

Selling your business

Selling your business Maximising value We have found through experience that many businesses have reduced the profitability of the business for tax reasons and, if this is the case, the true value of the business will not be clear from the financial records when selling your business. This creates a significant problem when

Hire staff for your business – How do I decide?

Hire Staff Human Resources

Hire staff for your business I was away recently and was speaking to a sole business owner who asked me the question, "how do I know I am ready to hire staff members"? It struck me that this is a problem that many small businesses have and wondered what might be helpful

Buying a business – Start with the end in mind

Buying a business - Start with the end in mind

Buying a business with the end in mind During my discussions with clients interested in buying a business, the question I am often asked is “When should I start planning for the exit of my business?” If you understand these seven simple truths in this section, then it is logical the preparation of

Buying Business – How to Create A Valuable Business

Buying business - business valuation

Buying Business - why and what makes a business attractive The primary reason someone people are buying business is to get a return on the investment. Each potential acquisition will be judged on the level of future profits the buyer believes the business can generate, the level of risk attached to