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Recipe Favourite – Coconut Blueberry Banana Cake

Coconut Banana Blueberry Cake by Jodie Klaproth

Coconut Blueberry Banana Cake It is so much fun getting creative with food. Here I have modified the recipe posted last week. We enjoyed the light coconut flavour of the Malibu Tropical Coconut Cake, added some bananas and blueberries whilst decreasing the sugar content and increasing the flour quantity. This combining of these

Recipe Favourite – Malibu Tropical Coconut Cake

Malibu Coconut Cake

Malibu Tropical Coconut Cake This Malibu Tropical Coconut Cake has got to be my favourite. I just love coconut and the flavour comes out beautifully in this very tropical cake. I cooked this for the first time when I had my parent-in-laws over for dinner. This was our dessert with a scoop of

Recipe Favourite – Rich Chocolate Bean Cake with Cream

Chocolate Bean Cake with Cream

Chocolate Cake If you even have a craving for chocolate cake then this is the one. This recipe invokes a warm memory for me and takes me back to when I started a new position with an employer. This was the cake my colleagues made to welcome me to the team. I was