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Buying a business – Start with the end in mind

Buying a business - Start with the end in mind

Buying a business with the end in mind During my discussions with clients interested in buying a business, the question I am often asked is “When should I start planning for the exit of my business?” If you understand these seven simple truths in this section, then it is logical the preparation of

Buying Business – How to Create A Valuable Business

Buying business - business valuation

Buying Business - why and what makes a business attractive The primary reason someone people are buying business is to get a return on the investment. Each potential acquisition will be judged on the level of future profits the buyer believes the business can generate, the level of risk attached to

Buying Business – Understanding Fixtures and Chattels at Law

Buying Business - Definition in Law of Chattels and Fixtures

Buying business I was with a friend the other day when they mentioned that they had finally decided on buying a business. Congratulations, I said enthusiastically. However, my friend then went on to tell me that they had no idea of the difference between a chattel and a fixture. So, this article