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Property managers and Tenants alerted to tenancy changes

Property Managers and Tenants alerted to RTA changes

Property managers and Tenants have been targeted by the Queensland Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA) with enhancements to its bond lodgement system to speed up processing times.

The RTA is rolling out a suite of digital services and enhancements for tenants and property owners/managers to make transacting with the RTA faster and easier.

“Tenants and property owners/managers can now lodge a bond with the RTA anytime, anywhere and from any device through the new Bond Lodgement web service,” the RTA said.

“It’s a quick, secure and convenient way to lodge a single bond, and payment options include credit card, debit card and BPAY.”

To streamline the RTA’s digital offerings, the Bond Lodgement web service will replace the eServices PDF upload facility on the RTA website from 1 October 2019.

The RTA claims, the “Bond Lodgement web service is the fastest and most convenient way for customers to lodge bonds.”

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This faster service is also “also more secure than other methods and minimises risks, delays and administrative work where paper, or scanned paper forms are submitted with illegible or missing information.”

“The RTA is currently developing a web service for bond refunds, which is anticipated to be launched in late 2019.

“The eServices PDF upload facility for Refund of rental bond paper forms will remain available until the Bond Refund web service is launched.

“Tenants and property owners/managers are encouraged to transition from paper to the web services, where possible.

“For customers who cannot access RTA web services, forms will always be available to download from the RTA website and to order from our Contact Centre.

“Paper forms will continue to be accepted via post for customers who do not have digital access.

“The RTA’s drive towards paperless services will reduce the rental sector’s environmental footprint and enable the RTA to focus resources on delivering tailored customer services.

“Resources to support RTA customers transitioning to the Bond Lodgement web service are available on the RTA website, including quick guides and a video.

“A dedicated phone line in the RTA Contact Centre is also available to support customers who require assistance.”

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