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NQ Cowboys victory everything about real estate investing

NQ Cowboys winger Kyle Feldt purchasing real estate by scoring a try in the corner

NQ Cowboys metaphor for real estate investors

A victory for the NQ Cowboys against the Paramatta Eels in Sydney on Saturday evening has everything to do with real estate investing on the field and off the field.

One of the greatest prizes for Townsville and North Queensland on the sporting calendar, the NRL Premiership, has moved a step closer again in 2017 after the NQ Cowboys defeated the Cronulla Sharks by 1 point under controversial circumstances last weekend in the first of the semi-finals knockout matches.

But what do the NQ Cowboys and their victories have to do with real estate investing?

Well, it has everything to do with real estate investing in a metaphorical sense for the NQ Cowboys because it means they have won enough territory (real estate) on the playing field to score tries, kick goals and win matches. Isn’t this simular to the terminology of property investors and home buyers winning in the endeavour of wealth creation?

These causes and events have clear parallels with real estate investing and life more broadly. So observing the journey of the Cowboys brings wisdom that can be transferred to investing even in time of loss. Understanding the technical aspect of the way the game is played is no different to learning how the real estate game is played.

As subtle as this example might be, the principles of gaining acreage or adding valuable assets to one’s portfolio and building capacity in the fields of our dreams can score cash flow yields and capital gains in the real estate market.

2017 Team of the Year

Apart from the normal media attention and brand awareness that finals football brings to the NQ Cowboys and the Townsville region, the drama of injuries to ten or more players including co-captains’ Johnathan Thurston and Mathew Scott bears witness to the sheer grit, determination and character shown by an inexperienced playing group against overwhelming challenges and adversity.

If nothing else, the Cowboys story would be worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster winning against all of the odds with such extraordinary depth of emotion and brevity.

Practically, drawing attention to the North Queensland brand and appeal of our location and lifestyle creates inquiry from property investors and secures the loyalty of residents with such powerful pride that more people should choose to call Townsville home.

New South Wales rugby league legend, Tommy Raudonikis said the Cowboys are the standout team this season and deserve to win the Grand Final for even making it to the semifinals despite the season ending injuries to so many key players.

Community support

My memories of the 2015 Cowboys Grand Final victory from the sidelines and again in the 2016 semifinal loss to the Broncos, shows the writer’s bias just a little for this story and demonstrates the community support for the local team. Be that as it may, the substance of the parallels with real estate investing is pertinent nonetheless.

Early this morning at 5.30am, the Townsville City Council erected a big NQ Cowboys flag at the largest roundabout in Townsville on Nathan Street at Douglas.

Deputy Mayor Cr Les Walker said “flying the flag in the middle of the city’s largest roundabout would catch the attention of thousands of motorists ahead of the big game.”

“Nothing compares to the excitement of the Cowboys in a finals match and we want to show our players that the city is right behind them”, Cr Walker said.

The NQ Cowboys will come up against the Parramatta Eels in Sydney tomorrow night. A Cowboys victory could inspire the acquisition of another property in Townsville this time near the new home ground of the Cowboys at the North Queensland stadium in South Townsville.

For the proponents of the $230 million NQ stadium development, the final $100 million secured by Johnathan Thurston during his victory speech at the 2015 grand final, another NQ Cowboys victory provide enormous thrust to the on the plan marketing sales campaign for residential and commercial property around the waterfront priority development area.

The North Queensland Cowboys, especially a Townsville-based national sporting team with a winning character against tough odds, has everything to do with real estate investing both on and off the playing field.

Go the mighty Cowboys! The Townsville real estate industry are backing you all the way to another Grand Final victory in 2017.

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