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Letter to the Editor – They just don’t get it.

Letter to the Editor – Sandra Chesney, Jensen

With the almighty State parliament being in Townsville this week, I suppose North Queensland should be forever grateful to be allowed to see our representatives here in North Queensland, but no, they will not be discussing issues pertaining or of interest to North Queensland, they still just don’t get it…

A few months ago, it was all out climate change and out with the devil coal, no mining, no coal fired power stations, only electric cars, wind and solar power, with no consideration for the impoverished communities who are fast becoming the working poor.

The State Parliament should be looking at the high price of house insurance, (State collect stamp duties) rates (State levy for rubbish dumped by NSW), electricity (we suffer load shedding in the hottest days to supply the city centric population down South) and our everyday food items, which have slowly increased to the point you hardly find an item under $3.00, all groceries are creeping up without any comment by Members of Parliament.

Our children have to leave town to obtain jobs or travel 4 to 5 hours to keep a job, but it is ok in Brisbane, just build another tunnel to cut the travel time for Brisbane workers.

Townsville population forecasts risk oversupply and further price stagnation

If climate change is so dire then it should be a pollie pedal to Townsville. Bureaucrats as well. Why should Parliament fly to Townsville when they could promote Tourism for North Queensland, come see the reef and support North Queensland. What better promotion could you have than a pollie pedal on a pushbike for the public and charity.

I note in the Townsville Bulletin, an article that the State is spending money and pushing tourism for North Queensland, come see the reef and support North Queensland.

On another page an article “reef outlook ‘very poor’ in dire warning” by Dr Ian Poiner Chairman of GRUMPA who blames climate change. GRUMPA has been studying the reef for years. As I believe the coral can tell its own story of climate change of past years, it is not just a new event that the climate is continually changing. 

The only thing that has changed is the funding, of all these scientists now have to rely on grants to continue working, so they need a crisis about the reef dying, or being dead, to guarantee continuity of work and funding, no surprises there.

The Green experiment in the US where Georgetown Texas went 100% renewables powered by solar, wind and batteries, this fully financed by a Green experiment which Al Gore and Michael Bloomberg were involved. The result was that Georgetown want to convert back and give the money back as electricity bills soured by 60% or more and the town had to buy electricity at night from a French wind farm at the cost of $30 Million over the past 4 years.

Things started to fall apart in Georgetown as soon as they started to implement 100% renewable and they converted to something that wouldn’t work from something that did work. Anyone going down the road can expect 10 times electricity bill increase.

Let’s learn from others and not go swimming in the pool of egos of climate change and remember that the high price of this destructive cult has hardly begun.

Time to stand up, fight back against these minority leftist cults.

Who are the unelected European bureaucrats who relentlessly push this agenda?

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