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Australian Farmer Emergency – Letter to the Editor

Australian Farmer Emergency

One wonders what has happened to Australian products when 500gm butter, Coles home brand $5.00 (made in New Zealand) and butter in Australian at $5.60 same red package, NZ can produce and export to Australia for less.

Australian farmers who are paying for high prices for water and have to deal with the burden of being over governed with no control over their land or how they do business, no wonder they are going broke, sounds like a “Australian Farmer Emergency” to me.

When will food production and the ability to provide Australian farmers with conditions which are competitive with other countries take precedent over the social agenda.

China buys our baby food because it is quality product, they are in the process of buying Australian dairy farms where will this leave the Australian consumer?

We are already seeing the price of groceries, meat and vegetables increasing with no acknowledgement of this cost of living impost on the family budget.

We hold a Government inquiry into banks, unions, and other institutions so why are we so complacent as to the fact that State and Federal Governments are driving farmers out of business with over regulation and cost of water, electricity, no clearing of land.

Now the Queensland State Government are entering the farm and instructing the farmer how to farm his land with fertilisers under the Reef Protection Bill.

Queensland real estate institute promoting “climate change” propaganda angers North

A huge wrecking ball has been applied to our farmers by the State and Federal Governments. All of this in the name of the environment and climate change.

When will there be Government inquiry in the “Australian Farmer Emergency”?

Sandra Chesney – Jensen

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