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Greenvale Land owners secure sale contracts with Australian-Singapore Military

Greenvale land owners secure contracts with Australia and Singapore Defence Forces

Greenvale land owners secure land deal

Greenvale land owners and the Department of Defence negotiating a deal for the site of the $2.2 billion Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative (ASMTI), 220 kilometres North-west of Townsville, has reached a final agreement.

Fourteen thousand personnel of the Singapore Defence Forces are estimated to use the Greenvale land and existing Shoalwater Bay facilities for two deployments of nine weeks per year for the next 25 years. 2300 vehicles are expected to be deployed annually.

State of the art military technologies will be used at the new facilities including the integration of space, cyber and information environments into traditional land, sea and air. The ASMTI will accommodate cutting edge war technology in robotics and autonomous systems.

Federal government briefing

Assistant Defence Minister David Fawcett confirmed in a ministerial press statement that “Defence has been in negotiations with will sellers for six months and I am pleased to report that we have reached this important milestone.”

“This has been a large and complex land acquisition program and I would like to thank landholders and the community of Greenvale for their ongoing goodwill and patience throughout this process.

“Great progress is also being made to acquire land to expand and further develop the Shoalwater Bay Training Area in Central Queensland.

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“There is more work to do before construction can commence at both sites next year and Defence will continue to engage with landholders and local communities as we move into the next phase of development.”

The ASMTI is delivering enhanced training areas for the Australian Defence Force in Central and North Queensland, enhancing Australia’s bilateral defence relationship with Singapore and providing significant local economic opportunities.

Economic impact

Over the life of the ASMTI, there will be an injection of approximately $2 billion into Queensland’s regional economies, including an estimated $50 million spent annually during the construction phase.

Townsville’s economy is expected to benefit from the ASMTI as the movement of military personnel and supplies use Townsville’s port and airport facilities.

Construction of the ASMTI is expected to cost $50 million annually. Work on the new military training area will commence mid to late next year. The Department of Defence announced the managing contractor for the ASMTI facilities project is Laing O’Rourke.

The construction and operations is seeking to support the development of new industries and support existing communities in the region of the training areas.

Procurement for the construction project, including the recruitment of key personnel and contractors, will commence in early 2019.

In the Townsville area, the ADF reports that 174 work packages have been awarded to local site contractors to the value of $118 million which is 75 percent of all defence works. These projects include RAAF Townsville, HMAS Cairns and the existing Townsville Field Training Area.

Works on access, fencing and support areas for the ASMTI will commence in mid 2019 with design and construction commencing n 2020.

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