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You're fired! The best summer. Bugger - Go Digital. Join TREN. It's Free. Explore more..

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The story about “Bugger – Go Digital”

If you haven’t already noticed, the Bugger – Go Digital illustration tells a story about adversity, transformation,  opportunity, and freedom.

Many people in Townsville and the North Queensland community, as well as other parts of regional Australia and even our capital cities for that matter, have lost jobs or they are doing it tough often through no fault of their own.

Our international guests might be joining us too. This story can apply to you also anywhere in the world. We are digital after all and our services appeal to people across the planet.

For all of us, if we haven’t been affected personally by the occasional setback in life, most of us would probably know family or friends that have been impacted.

Getting fired

Receiving that dreaded notice that “you’re fired” from the boss or the head of the human resources department is gut wrenching. Unlike Jimmy in our illustration with the post it not delivered to his forehead, it’s a terrible notice in any form that it could be written.

Although I haven’t been fired myself, my friends have shared their stories of the shock, pain, and humiliation.

Perhaps your circumstances were on the opposite side of the coin. You fired yourself or you fired your boss. Good for you if you did!

Being ready and able to move on and change your position, career, opportunities or lifestyle choices voluntarily is a real blessing. But for our mates on the receiving end, it’s sometimes hard to see the blessings that could come from adversity.

So you took control of your life or life took control of you! Either way, it is true that we all go through changes in our lives good or bad. More often, it can happen many times in our lifetime. Experts say we are likely to change our jobs more than 10 times during our working life.

It’s also reasonable to say that change is healthy for us, either way, even though we don’t know it at the time.

The pain or speed of events demands little time to think so the joy or sadness of the event is unappreciated for what it offers us in new experiences and personal development down the road just like the best days of summer.

Stick with us on this story. It’s just warming up!

Best of summer

Perhaps you may not agree. That’s ok. Let’s not get too hot under the collar.

But TREN eMagazine would like to suggest that getting fired could be like the “best of summer” experiences, because like us here at TREN eMagazine, you are enthusiastic about change, learning, and growth. Heck, you may be excited about new opportunities and can’t wait to get started. Welcome!

For the rest you, I ask you this. Have you heard of the saying; “change is as good as a holiday”? I will assume you have.

Speaking from experience my partner and I returned recently from Venice, Athens, Istanbul, Gallipoli, Milan, Cinque Terra, Florence, Nice, Austria and French Alps, Dubai and London.

I can absolutely say change isn’t as good as a dynamic holiday! But if you have circumstances weighing you down, you might be time-poor or you don’t have the cash.

In any case, it is fair to say change is definitely a holiday. So we thought our readers like you would say what a bugger, let’s go digital.

It’s fun, great value and you can play anywhere, anytime with TREN eMagazine.

Bugger, go digital

Well, the Bugger – Go Digital” idea is as much about change and gaining value as it is about putting the hardcopy newspaper, office paperwork and expensive glossy magazines out of your mind.

It is about coming on a real journey with us and learning with guidance, knowledge and awareness about visiting a cool, dynamic and adventurous Townsville Real Estate lifestyle.

You might be thinking about buying your first home. Maybe selling your first home. Perhaps you are renting your first home or studying the advanced courses on all of it. Blimey mate, don’t tell us you are a know-it-all. Only joking.

All jokes aside. You are a seasoned investor and very astute already. The Bugger, Go Digital free subscription offer is genuine. All you need to do is take the blessing of change and the exciting value our service brings to our audience.

Don’t hesitate! Take the first step now. Cross the road of circumstance and bask in the summer sunshine and join TREN eMagazine today.

Now look at the Bugger – Go Digital illustration again! Tell us what you think. Do you get the point?

Join TREN eMagazine for FREE. It’s a no brainer!

Still not convinced. Let’s explore more below….

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You're fired! The best summer. Bugger - Go Digital. Join TREN. It's Free. Explore more..

Explore more…

Explore happier times, stroll down the beach with your soulmate, wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, sharing your dreams, hopes and memories with each other about real estate investing and the events impacting on your life.

If you have come this far, you have a thirst for information. You like to analyze before you make a decision. We get it. That’s great because research and due diligence are very important disciplines when deciding to buy, sell, hold, rent or abstain in the real estate sector.

Bugger, Go Digital is easy on your iPhone, Samsung, tablet or favourite digital device, even your office laptop or desktop.

Read the good news from TREN eMagazine on your email in the palm of your hand, or in the office, every week consistently.

You get news, events and expert opinions about the economy, residential and commercial property, taxation, finance, legal, lifestyle and excellent and thorough Guides on ‘how to do’ important actions pertaining to local real estate in Townsville.

Another important disciple for a real estate investor is to have ensured you have good advisors and professional who know what they are doing.

TREN eMagazine is just putting a toe in the water, a ringside seat to browse the action and receive useful information every week for free. You can delete it, or even unsubscribe and you are out of the TREN eMagazine arena. You have total control. Fire yourself anytime!

Stay in the outer grandstand seats. Bookmark our website and take a passive glimpse from time to time at

Don’t register today for the Bugger – Go Digital free offer. It won’t be free forever. But we respect your decision. At some point, you should come down from the nosebleed seats and grab a drink. It’s our shout this round.

What next?

If you like the toe in the water Bugger – Go Digital free offer experience, you can move on and become a special guest member and sit and dine in the corporate box as a subscriber, contributor or even an author. Let not get to carried away just yet.

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