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Hire staff for your business – How do I decide?

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Hire staff for your business

I was away recently and was speaking to a sole business owner who asked me the question, “how do I know I am ready to hire staff members”?

It struck me that this is a problem that many small businesses have and wondered what might be helpful to them. So I have come up with a simple method that may help small business owners look for what they need to decide when to hire staff.

List your ideas

If you plan on starting your business as a one-person operation, go ahead and list the tasks you will need to undertake in order to run the business.

Include on your list all of the work involved in running the business, such as financial management, equipment maintenance, advertising, as well as your core business activities such as customer service, manufacturing, building, constructing, etc.

Don’t forget to include any “outside” work you will need doing by professionals such as accountants.

This list of work activities, functions and ideas will help you to assess if you can manage all the needed tasks by yourself or if you will need help.

Planning and prioritizing

If you plan on employing staff from the outset, you should include what their tasks will be as part of planning their job role.

Once you’ve written down all the relevant tasks, identify the ones that are most important and which are the least important to the success of your business.

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Analysis and assessment

This is the “hard” part.

Now grade the tasks by responsibility. In other words, think of who or which role should be responsible for each task.

The analysis and assessment step is where you start to think about what you can and can’t delegate to others. There are some things, however, that you just can’t pass off to someone else.

These include making decisions about the direction of the business, overall financial control and marketing strategies. These are the core management tasks. Still, mark these on the list too.

Next, write down the tasks that are not essential functions for the control and governance of the business and which you can easily delegate to someone else.

Finally, allocate how many hours per day or week you anticipate will be spent on each task.


Once you have gathered and organised all of the information, you’ll have a better idea of what activities, functions and tasks will make up your business; what’s most important and least important, delegation and resourcing and how long the different tasks will take.

The different tasks can be arranged into groups or roles and positions which could correspond to a person filling a particular role.

How crucial they are, and when and how often the different tasks are performed, will guide you in working out whether you will need a full-time, part-time or casual person.

Hopefully, you find this simple hiring staff analysis approach useful. For a comprehensive methodology, seek proper advice from your preferred accountant or business advisory resource.

Author: Kathleen Dale, Business Advisor and Founder of Compass Business Advisory.

Business Advisor and Compass Business Advisory Founder Kathleen Dale in Townsville North Queensland
Image: Kathleen Dale, Business Advisor and
Founder of Compass Business Advisory


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Kathleen Dale
Kathleen has a Bachelor of Commerce and a Major in Business Law and employment law. Kathleen is working on her honors in Occupational Health & Safety & Environment Management and Human Resource because Kathleen believes these areas give Compass Business Advisory an opportunity to give clients the best possible outcomes. Kathleen's experience is vast from a union delegate to a safety officer. Kathleen is a specialist in Small to Medium business, has personally owned and sold her own successful businesses and business compliance is her specialty.

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