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Cruise ship birth for boarding passengers in Townsville

Townsville’s Port Authority and P&O Cruises Australia have announced the Townsville Port will see passengers boarding cruise ships in the City for the first time in its 104 year history.

P&Os Pacific Eden cruise ship will be the first to complete partial ship turnarounds at the Townsville Port next year.

Port of Townsville Limited CEO Ranee Crosby said; “The announcement was an incredible opportunity for the region.”

“A lot of hard work has been done by the Townsville White and Grey Ship-Attraction Committee over the past 18 months to lure more cruise ships to Townsville, and this announcement by P&O is a huge step forward towards achieving the end goal of home porting,” said Ms. Crosby.

The partial turnaround decision by P&O from September 2018 is expected to generate jobs and more money flowing through the local economy.

For many of the cruise ship enthusiasts and holiday makers from the North Queensland region had to fly, train or drive to ports to the south or north of the City to experience their lifetime dream of cruising. This announcement means that people will be able to embark on a cruise from Townsville and not have to travel further afield on connecting journeys.

“We are very appreciative that P&O Cruises Australia has given us this opportunity and I know that Townsville will be up to the task.”, Ms. Crosby said.

Tickets are expected to go on sale in the coming months with prices yet to be finalised.

The Port of Townsville is a transport asset of national significance employing hundreds of people and supporting export and import industries handling 30 difference commodities across the Northern Australia regions worth an estimated $11 billion in trade.

The Port of Townsville is expecting 11 cruise ship visits this year, and 18 in 2018.


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