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Aim of guidelines

We aim to bring balanced and credible opinions about relevant real estate topics to our clients as they are likely to consider the information to inform their own observations, opinions and evaluations of the real estate market.

This is a very important value-add proposition to our client’s using TREN news, eMagazine and associated platforms. Readers receiving informed guidance, in other words, general information – is attributed to the competence and leadership of the editorial team and Contributor Partnership Program.

It is important, therefore, that TREN attracts and retains a team of quality content contributors with a range of backgrounds. Having a credible level of expertise that our readership appreciates, respects and trusts is a reflection of the value exchange.

Scope of audience

Acting local, thinking global is a great mindset of our team and content contributors. TREN is adding tremendous value to our readers with locally-relevant quality content that is appealing to a global audience.

The global audience accesses our websites and various media tools and technology solutions such as search engines, social sharing platforms, forums, messenger, emails and software applications. We also deliver to our client’s real solutions in the form of digital and material products, either directly or indirectly, from our website commerce network through to referrals to independent businesses.

Relationship fit and benefits

As long as the solution is determined worthy of promotion, and the relationship is consistent with our media strategy, operational policies and overall interests of our clients, we foster the connection and ongoing customer service relationship that are mutually beneficial to the contributors, partners, and TREN suite of solutions.

These strategies aim to compensate contributors and the TREN business model financially based on editorial and contributor platform performance and results, ensuring optimum efficiency and effectiveness, while sustaining the necessary resources to achieve the mutual goals of the individual contributor and the Contributor Partnership Program.


When a prospective contributor registers for the Contributor Program, applicants must be aware that further qualifying questions may be asked and information gathered about themselves, their education and work experiences.

This may include giving permission for inquiries to be made with 3rd parties, in order to ascertain the merits of the applicant. Practical tests and examinations may also be adopted in the process of an applicant’s registration.

Getting Started

Applicants are directed to read our TREN Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use.

By subscribing, registering and submitting an application the Content Contributor Program, the applicant also acknowledges these documents have been read and understood.

For further details about the Contributors Partnership Program and to register your application, please go to the Content Contributor Registration Form and fill out the requested information.

Otherwise, please return to the introduction of the Contributor Partnership Program or keep browsing from our Home Page.