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Applications for registration to the TREN and eMagazine Advertiser Contributor program must be submitted here. If you wish to now register your application click the following link. Scroll down to read the Guidelines.

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Advertisers are very important to TREN’s capacity to resource the ongoing delivery of our services and support the development of our unique and contemporary business model, fostering a professional community of expert contributors backed up by excellent operational and strategic leadership.

With mutual benefits in mind, we are also excited about adding value to your business, helping your company achieve the goals and results in your marketing strategy that is material to the success of your business.

You can feel at ease knowing that TREN and the editorial “fly to the ointment” news and emagazine service we have created and continue to develop is attracting the attention of mainstream media services such as the ABC News, WIN News, Seven News, Townsville Bulletin, and the national real estate listings and media portals, growing our credibility and reach within the digital information marketplace.

With a market exposure so far of over 23,000, 1500 eMagazine subscribers and 1000s of social media followers, TREN’s Advertiser Partnership Program is designed for you to position your brand and call to action marketing opportunities in a captive marketplace of consumers, already mobilised by interest and purchasing power.

The desire of our clients to invest and engage in the real estate industry, the largest cashflow and wealth creation industry in Australia, enables and empowers advertisers to focus on the product exchange communication, namely the call to action objects, that leverage the captive traffic TREN has already attracted and is harnessing through our goodwill.

Townsville Real Estate Marketplace

The population of Townsville districts is approximately 195,000 people. The North Queensland region, which extends West out to Charters Towers, South to the Burdekin and Ayr and the North to the Herbert and Hinchinbrook districts, has a population of approximately 240,000 people.

The Townsville North Queensland real estate services industry contributes nearly 10 percent of the total industry output per annum of the local economy, producing an annual total of $28 billion. The accommodation sector, being hotels, motels, etc. combined with the food industry, contributes an extra $760,000 in output.

Since 2011, the real estate services sector has grown its output contribution to the Townsville North Queensland economy by 43 percent, making it the 4th ranked industry to increase output across all industries in the marketplace.

TREN and our eMagazine are distributed to niche segments inherent to the supply chain of the real estate industry, and broader indirect beneficiary industries in the region including the digital active, management and administration industry.

It is no secret that our readers are seeking real estate related services in the following segments:

  • Real estate brokering, inspections and valuations, commercial and residential
  • Mortgage and banking
  • Finance and wealth planning
  • Taxation and accounting
  • Politics, governance and public policy – housing, construction and infrastructure
  • Home lifestyle – design, renovation, building and technology
  • Legal and administration – conveyancing, property, commercial
  • Economics and government funding
  • Business and entrepreneurship

Advertising with TREN will enable targeted, measurable and controllable deliverables of marketing initiatives that grow business inquiries and generate more traffic, leads and ultimately more sales to the bottom line.

Advertising Partners

Adverting partners have a specific interest in generating leads from inbound traffic to their website, email or phone services by purchasing digital real estate in the form of banners, widgets and hyperlinks on the TREN platforms.

The banner advertisements must be designed and produced by the prospective advertiser in the correct electric format, complying with the correct guidelines and dimensions for each placement location on our platforms. The characteristics of the banner are placed in headers, footers, sidebars, inline body, floating or otherwise. An example of the banner adverting is shown on the home page.

It’s simply a matter of the advertiser hiring the available space on our platforms (websites, emails, posts, pages, etc.) to place your graphic or text objects, which upon a reader clicking on the object, activates a link and referral traffic to the advertiser’s website or alternative contact point.

The available ad placements and dimensions are defined in our banner advertising schedule, which can be obtained, discussed and considered after the advertiser registers an application.

Click on this link to complete the form; Advertiser Contributor form.

Platinum Contributor

Advertisers have a unique opportunity to position their expertise, branding and call to action advertising assets through TREN’s Platinum Contributor initiative as part of the Partnership Contribution Program.

Platinum Contributors have the “platinum standard” of modern marketing techniques combining content creation (writing) and creative marketing (advertising) that build digital relationships, influencing readers and consumers with their natural interest for storytelling, entertainment and behavioural inclinations to follow “the expert” identity.

Forging a celebrity-like reputation in the market segment of the partners choosing is what the Platinum Contributor has accessibility to create, develop and grow.

However, the editorial integrity of TREN and eMagazine is the highest priority. Our commitment to providing great value to our clients and readers is paramount, which demands policies and procedures setting out the requirements for full disclosure, eliminating conflicts of interest arising and rules limiting or preventing the sharing of commercially and legally prohibitive information.

The confidence and trust of our readership must be protected.

Full disclosure guidelines and “ringfencing rules”

It’s in this context, that an opportunity exists for Platinum Content Contributors who are licensed to make referrals, recommendations and suggestions for a product, service or solution.

Where a beneficial interest may arise or intended to be derived by the Platinum Contributor, the relationship of the advertiser to the product distributor must be fully disclosed at the point of connection.

If necessary, the “ringfencing rules” will be applied and commercial in confidence or legally prohibitive information will be secured or withheld from the Contributing Partner to protect the interests of the consumer.

Who can apply?

The opportunity for local businesses and professionals to partner with TREN as a proven marketing and media operator to leverage opportunities from proven readership traffic is presented in TREN’s Partnership Contributor Program.

Showcasing your brand, products and services in a broad and popular niche such as real estate and property is not only smart but strategically essential in getting the best “bang for your buck” from a limited or targetted advertising budget.

Real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, financial planners, mortgage brokers, banks, property managers, home decorators and trades services are just a few businesses that are expressing interest in this Contribution Partnership Program for advertisers.

With limited placements available and rigorous qualifying criteria being assessed, TREN is seeking to work with the right people. So it is advisable to take action now. Don’t wait. You will get ample time to do your due diligence on the program.

Simply fill out the Advertiser Contributor Application, and if you are interested in the Platinum Contributor Program, you must also complete the Content Contributor Application form.