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Contributor Partnership Program


Townsville Real Estate News (TREN) and eMagazine is excited and proud of producing and publishing our news and emagazine services to inform and engage with our audience about issues and events impacting the Townsville and North Queensland real estate market.

TREN is the first independent and local digital media site launched in Townsville specialising in Townsville and North Queensland.

In the 7th year of delivering content to a growing audience, attracting the attention of mainstream media services such as the ABC News, WIN News, Seven News, Townsville Bulletin, the TREN news and eMagazine services are urgently seeking Content Contributors and Advertisers.

With an exposure of over 40,000 visitors to our websites and magazine portal so far, 1500 subscribers and 1000s of social media followers, a great opportunity exists for advertisers, writers and co-contributors to build their portfolio of work, build backlink traffic and grow the credibility of their image and brand, and ultimately the revenue goals of their careers and businesses.

And to think, we are just getting started.

The Solution

The Content Contributor Program is an initiative of TREN to enable professionals to share information and solutions using our systems and technology to build relationships, collaborate and create, distribute and experience value-added services in Townsville North Queensland’s largest industry, besides mining and manufacturing, the rentals, real estate and hiring industry.

Apart from the largest media company in Australia dominating the search behaviours of online consumers in both news and media, the Townsville Real Estate News (TREN) aims to be the number one independent technology and media company in Townsville North Queensland.

Read more about TREN at About Us or follow us on Facebook here.

Content Contributors

Our real estate news, eMagazine and platform content is sourced from real estate professionals, economic and research professionals and topic experts locally and from across Australia and internationally.

The content itself determines the appeal it receives in the marketplace. But the TREN platforms provide the channels and opportunity for content engagement, ratings, reviews, collaboration, distribution and exchange.

For example, TREN content is distributed to public relations, newsrooms, and journalists who can use the content under “creative commons” guidelines and attract broader distribution on media networks locally such as ABC radio, WIN News, Seven News, etc.

To learn more and to become a contributor, please proceed to our Contributors site.

Advertising Partners

Advertisers are very important to TREN’s capacity to resource the ongoing delivery of our services and support the development of our unique and contemporary business model of fostering a professional community of expert contributors supported by a work local, think global approach backed up by excellent operational and strategic leadership.

Unlike the industrial age “hard copy” advertising methods like TV, Radio, Newspapers, magazines, brochures, mailbox droppers, billboards, A frame signage, mailouts,  bi-folds, etc., TREN enables a “real” quantifiable and qualifiable method of measuring the return on money spent.

Instead of throwing hard earned money and disciplined budgets on advertising that cannot be micro-measured, TREN offers an effective relationship platform with niche content creation and delivery combined with scientific “value-add” matrix where every cent is counted and attributed to consumer behaviours; hits, clicks, engagements, click-through rates and inquiries.

Matching lead generation by “line-of-sight” to customer inquiry and even purchases, then having the power of transparency to match this activity to a specific niche and market segmentation by gender, geography, demographics, technology usage is a very powerful solution.

Have you ever been able to link money spent per unit of advertising (including content) and actual inquiries received? Can you measure the marketing and advertising effort and budget to a return on investment (ROI) key performance measure?

To learn more and to become an advertiser, please proceed to Advertisers site.


We very much appreciate and respect all expressions of interest to our Contributor Partnership Program.

TREN will pay particular attention to inquiries from serious researchers, creators and writers. And likewise, serious professionals across the range of segments supplying the real estate industry with expertise, and all businesses seeking a cost-effective advertising platform to target prospective customers.

We have limited positions for content contributors and the advertising space is limited to the real estate on our platforms. So we encourage you to take action now. “If nothing changes, nothing changes”.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s. “The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about.”

Don’t wait! The time is now to get in front of the competition and secure your partnership agreement with Townsville’s only locally owned and independent media and technology service specialising in the real estate industry.

Where do you wish to get started? Become a partner with us as a Contributor or become a partner in Advertising. Email TREN to inquire about how both options can give your the platinum vehicle to gain more customers and grow your business.