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Townsville elite pay tribute to commercial property agency pioneer

Commercial property - Mr Peter Wheeler, managing director of Colliers International Townsville

Commercial property pioneer

Townsville’s leading commercial and industrial real estate firm Colliers International is celebrating 20 years operating in Townsville, attracting tributes from some of Townsville’s elite identities in political administration, property development and the real estate industry.

Colliers started its commercial real estate business in North Queensland in 2004 when 3rd generation Townsville local Peter Wheeler joined the franchise. Now the Managing Director of Colliers, Mr. Wheeler was a founding partner that started the first local specialist commercial and industrial real estate agency in 1997.

Tributes to the Townsville Colliers team and Mr. Wheeler have been received from senior executive of the Colliers International firm, local politicians and some of the captains of the property industry in Townsville.

John Kenny, CEO of Colliers International Australia and New Zealand and the Queensland State Chief Executive Simon Beirne congratulated Mr. Wheeler on the way in which he and his team have forged lasting relationships with clients and the community of North Queensland.

Mr. Kenny addressing Mr. Wheeler to a Colliers International audience via video said, “For 20 years our clients have put their trust in your expertise and enterprising culture. In return, you have accelerated their success right across North Queensland.”

“I believe credibility is everything and the feedback I get time and time again from clients is that your personal brand and Colliers brand is always of a high standard.” Mr. Beirne said.

From the Mayor Jenny Hill to Townsville’s most respected and revered property developers, Mr. Wheeler and the Colliers team have reaped the admiration of resilience on their 20th birthday for the risks they had taken in the 1990s establishing an exclusive commercial business when none existed in the marketplace.

Ms. Hill said, “Mr. Wheeler took a chance setting up a Colliers agency here to deal just with commercial property in the region.”

The current Queensland President of the Property Council and Managing Director of Lancini Property Group, Mr. Laurence Lancini said, “To be in business 20 years takes a lot of resilience and business acumen. I’m very proud to be involved with you over the past 20 years and certainly hope I’m around to follow your business throughout the next 20 years.”

Further tributes were given from Mr. Peter Tapiolas, Director of Parkside Group, Townsville Enterprise CEO Ms. Patricia O’Callaghan and the Director of BM Webb and the Chairman of the Water Security Taskforce, Mr. Brad Webb.

Mr. Webb said, “Peter Wheeler and the team are pillars of society and you do a great job looking after my company BM Webb along with other people you do business with.”

Mr. Wheeler started his real estate career at Knobel real estate in 1994 before establishing Samuel & Co Property Consultants in 1997 and subsequently joining forces with Colliers International in 2004.

Mr. Wheeler is a local product attending his schooling in Townsville at Ignatius Park College.

When Richard Ferry, a well-known identity in the property and development industry decided to sell his business, Mr. Wheeler and the Colliers brand took over Ferry Property which is also a long-standing local family business in the city.

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In a recent Townsville Bulletin Top 50 most influential people list, Mr. Wheeler was ranked 48 most influential.

Mr. Wheeler has been involved in some of the largest commercial property transactions in North Queensland. He was a finalist in the Townsville Chamber of Commerce Young Business Person of the Year Awards and is a current Advisory Board Member for the Salvation Army’s Townsville Advisory Board and is also a Townsville Committee Member for the Property Council of Australia.

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