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Homeowners claiming tax deductions for rentals increasing

Homeowners - Tax depreciation increasing from room for rent

Increasing tax deductions for homeowners The percentage of homeowners claiming tax depreciation on plant and equipment has increased in the past financial year due to owners turning their homes into rental properties. The growth of homeowners renting rooms, using the share accommodation portals such as Airbnb or choosing to rent instead of

Buying Business – What to consider with fixtures and chattels

Buying Business - TREN eMagazine - Quaint business village displaying fixtures and chattels to think about before signing contract to purchase

Buying business with fixtures and chattels When buying business and thinking about chattels, one may think of such things as moveable personal property such as clothes, furniture, and appliances as opposed to more permanent fixtures such as homes and buildings. Common Law Fixtures and chattels refer to the things that are included in

Major Projects Feasibility Ranking: $22 Billion Investments in Townsville North Queensland

Major Projects - Townsville North Queensland Major Projects Feasibility Report produced by McLeod Investment and Consultancy and TREN eMagazine, designed by TREN eMagazine

Major Projects in the Adani Coal Mine, Singapore Army Training Initiative and Magnus Resources Consortium Battery Gigafactory are proposed to impact the Townsville property market in 2017 and ongoing over the next 50 years. The certainty of the projects are being influenced by events and policies from graziers, lenders, fund managers,

Guide to selling a luxury home

What it takes to sell a luxury home Sellers want to get things right considering the value of the luxury home. Often worth millions of dollars, these homes are substantial investments. Putting forward a positive vision of the property is the all important aim because there are fewer luxury homes out