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We are very excited to introduce Townsville Real Estate News (TREN) and eMagazine to the Townsville North Queensland community and to the billions of people online and millions of potential consumers of real estate information and products.

As a local start-up incubating in the real estate marketing sector, we are excited about our growth and how we have evolved into the digital media and marketing sectors. We are proudly owned and operated from our base in Townsville North Queensland.

After seven years of creating and developing the Townsville Real Estate Blog (soon to be retired) the demand for credible and purposeful information from a local news and events perspective steadily increased.

People are captivated with home ownership, property investment strategies and accommodation supply in Australia. It’s the great Australian dream home ownership and everyone needs shelter. Buying and selling are just part of the interest for our readers and clients.

It’s the events and issues in the broader community and input industries to real estate that spark readers interest as well. Satisfactory results for an investor means different inputs. Home buyers aim for settlement day or renters picking up the landlord’s keys. All of these activities come with information, research, analysis and decision marking.

The demand and development of our brand and network have grown in scale for this very reason, demand. People want more globally relevant and locally sensitive information and solutions concerning their real estate interests and they want it fast, easy and at an affordable price. Our readers like what we deliver while we strive for continued improvement and value creation opportunities.

Free stuff is good from an online readers point of view. And that’s what we deliver in our news information service, and as the depth of expertise is applied, options for value-added exchange is available.

We welcome you to our digital platform and encourage you to become a regular guest. We are going ahead with building our publishing and customer relationship systems, developing our expert team and contributor cohort and fostering strong and robust business relationships with our resource partners.

We believe you will appreciate our values, team and products and solutions. Thank you for dropping by. Our customers and subscribers are our number one priority. We want you with us too.

Who we work with

From the beginning, the purpose of TREN is to inform and engage with sellers, buyers, investors and stakeholders about issues and events impacting the Townsville real estate market.

Our content is sourced from local real estate professionals, economic, political, legal, finance and lifestyle professionals. Our door is always open to more contributors who wish to discuss our engagement and partner network.

We seek to coordinate with national and international researchers, media and writers to bring the best available value proposition to our audience and readership.

So for these people making contributions and seeking influence, the TREN News and eMagazine has established a networking community on our Facebook Page and seeks more content providers to join us.

If you are interested in this aspect of our community, please go to our Contributor Partnership Program.

Community interest and involvement

TREN eMagazine is a community-minded service.

We also encourage anyone in the North Queensland community either resident, investor or visitors (including North Queensland community groups)  to contact us with their opinions and stories. There is no better way of providing relevance of service than to seek the involvement of the people with whom real estate and property have real meaning in the community.

As local citizens of Townsville, we support our local church, various charities, business, and friends across a wide range of sectors seeking support. We may from time to time, initiate an appeal for funding, your time or in-kind resources for special events or causes within the community.

Our mission

TREN’s mission is to be the number one independent digital media enterprise community in the real estate niche in Townsville North Queensland.

We work locally and think globally. We, therefore, seek to differentiate our service from the city-centric high-density population centres in Australia.

Regional communities feel they have been forgotten in an age of globalization. Townsville North Queensland is no exception! Yet the real estate community has maintained a strong interest and passion for local content and a curiosity about how we fit in the broader world.

By and large, the reader wants useful information that improves their lifestyle, security, wealth, and well-being.

Where are we aiming

Property and real estate is a family affair. For generations, property represented hereditary rights and stature in society. This structure of a resourceful society has not diminished. In fact, as education and access to information has improved, the dreams of people to achieve security and freedom from a vision of one day owning and investing in real estate is as real today as it was for our grandparents.

Our aim is to provide relevant content to the world on a product, placement, and personal news and events perceptive sourced and value-added from the tropical lifestyle region of Townsville North Queensland Australia.Our local content reflects local sensitivities, but our solutions are globally relevant.

Our local content might reflect local sensitivities, but our solutions are globally relevant.

Digital technology is a platform of the millennial generation but the information it carries is multi-generational and equally essential to other mature generations.

Of course, we are aiming to attract the traditional online consumer groups and individuals, both male and female aged of 18 to 35 years who are conducting their research and even purchasing using mobile devices. This generation is the power user generation for digital technologies and the social sharing economy.

Research shows Generation Y and X and the Baby Boomers are the growth segments for digital and tend to be more sophisticated in their analysis and observations of the real estate industry.

We find our female readers are more active in browsing and visiting our news platform, whilst male readers are more likely to use our subscription services. Safety and security of personal information and finances is a real constraint in the online world. Men are less likely to nurture relationships but women are less likely to take risks.

We aim to increase our volunteer and affiliate capabilities to cover more of what Townsville want in their inbox, on the desktop and mobile devices. If we cannot create it, we will source it from trusted partners in order to satisfy our customers.

With the anticipated growth in demand for real estate and property services and therefore information, the Contributor Partnership Program is a critical plank in the way our mission is delivered and goals are achieved.

Sponsoring talented writers, photographers, and experts to join our network is a critical focus as our services develop. We want to offer a mutually attractive partnership for creative contributors. Customers and contributors are the life source of our community.

We trust that you appreciate our transparency and hope you too will join in the fun and excitement of real estate browsing and eventually ownership.

The feeling of receiving the keys to your new home for the first time or driving by the investment property for a proud moment of reflection could be compared to taking a subscription with TREN eMagazine, or even better still, become an investor our community and become a contributor or partner.

We look forward to getting a knock on our front door and talking with you soon. At least become a subscriber. Its free!