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Townsville Harbour City precinct

Townsville Harbour City Project calling Expression of Interests

Townsville Harbour City A proposed new multi-million dollar world-class marine science and research building as part of the Townsville Harbour City precinct will be constructed on

Succession planning

Succession planning; what does exiting your business mean?

Succession planning Succession planning for business owners is critical. When most business owners think of an exit plan, they think of selling the business. This act


Townsville Port hosts Qld Treasurer Jackie Trad announcing crane and cargo machinery acquisition for the port

Townsville Port in political play with Treasurer Jackie Trad

Townsville Port involved in political hustle The political jostling over major infrastructure funding announcements between local, state and federal government could be adding to the tainted

Townsville North Queensland - How the economy is performing

How is the Townsville North Queensland economy and employment performing?

Townsville North Queensland quarterly update The Townsville North Queensland economic outlook has seeds of growth and business confidence but official Queensland treasury employment data shows unemployment